Sample Features


Look and feel matters

Replace robo-emails and ticket numbers with emails that were clearly sent by a real person. Fast, friendly, and above all, customer-first.


Make impressive help docs in minutes

Anyone on your team can build out articles that answer common customer questions. Make Docs public or privateu2014itu2019s all in your control.


Connect with customers

Beacon is your all-in-one customer companion, making help docs, messaging, and chat available right on your website.

Give customers a choice

When chat is available, customers can reach out using the channel that works best for them.

A chatbot that helps

Help Bot won't waste your customer's time. It's only there to connect you with a real person.


Look smarter in meetings customers Program

Intuitive, built-in reports make for valuable u201cahau201d moments with your team and your boss. No coding or customizations required.